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The Jungle Book comes to life!

It was a proud moment for the students of St. Lawrence High school and Junior College to present the musical adaptation of one of the best children’s stories that there is – The Jungle Book! The best part was that the same show was performed twice over 2 days due to the massive participation by our students!

Our first Chief guest, Mr. Aparshakti Khurana, congratulated the management, students and the teachers for the successful annual day. He specifically mentioned how it’s important to be healthy for the sake of our children so that we aren’t burdens on them in our old age and to set a good example for them. He also appreciated the important role our menial staff play in school and called them “second parents” to our students.

Our second Chief guest, Mr Harshwarshan Wavre, who is also an ex-student of St Lawrence High School and Junior College, felt proud of his Alma mater on seeing such a superb show! He showered many words of appreciation on the students and teachers and everyone else!

It was amazing to see such a cult story come alive with so much vigour and passion! The kids were totally flawless. As always, Atul Narang’s Dance Institute played the central role in putting up this extraordinary show.

Our co-trustee Ms. Nalini Datta addressed the parents and urged them to inculcate a worldly sense of responsibility in the children. She also spoke about how we can all beat screen addiction by inculcating a love for sports, games, reading and other hobbies in our children from this young age.

The parents appreciated all the hard work put in by the school to organise such a grand performance and that too twice over! They were left awestruck and also emotional by the entire performance. The whole show was breathtaking and everyone was left wanting for more!

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