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Road Signs and Symbols!

Signs and symbols are the foundation of visual language, just as alphabets are the foundation of written language. At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, the Grade 1 students learned about the different ‘Road signs and symbols.’

Now they can easily recognise popular signs such as 🚷, 🚻, ⚠️, ⛽,🚦etc.

On the Culminating Day of the Signs and Symbols topic, they enjoyed exploring the different signs and symbols on the road through their car ride. They were able to identify where to stop the vehicle, where to park it, how to cross the road etc.

They can even recognise the Hospital sign, the Fuel station sign and the washroom sign now. This activity has surely helped them cultivate better civic sense because they have learned that if we follow the road signs and rules, it keeps the town organised and also saves us from accidents.

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