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Sports Day at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College!!

Mike Singletary once beautifully quoted that –

“Do you know what my favourite part of the game is?

The opportunity to play.”

This quote exactly suits our tiny tots of the primary section who love playing various games. This year at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College the Primary section students enthusiastically took part in their Sports Day held in school.

The chief guests of the event were our senior students from school who are National and district level sports players. Mst.Anshul Thakare a district level cyclist and Mst.Jayesh Chaudhary a net ball player were welcomed with lots of pride and enthusiasm. These students represent our school and make us proud at every moment and we believe in their potential and respect their ability to judge the smaller ones.

The final sports event was organized after the Intra-Class competition which was held among their own classes earlier. The students played the final Inter- Class races and secured the first, second and third positions in their respective races.

All parents were also invited and were asked to dress up in the colors of their child’s house color respectively. They all enjoyed the sports events as there also were races for couples. Many parents enthusiastically participated and gave their best. The students were felicitated by our chief guests with medals and certificates. Even the parents were given tokens of appreciation by our school trustee Ms. Summan Datta Ma’am. She also addressed the parents asking them to focus on making their child eat healthy food and giving them an opportunity to play outdoor games.

The main motto of this event was to encourage each child to play sports so that they can be fit and healthy, develop a sense of healthy competition and also have better mental health and resilience.

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