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The Indian National Currency class at St Lawrence!

At St Lawrence High School and Junior College, the Grade 1 students learnt about the National Currency of India. The 2D Symbol of the National Emblem was shown to the students. They also were made to spot the presence of The National Emblem on currency notes and coins of India.

They learnt how the currency of a nation is a medium – like paper notes or coins or credit cards etc. – to which a value is attached. The Indian currency is called the Indian National Rupee (INR) and the coins are called paise. One Rupee consists of 100 paise. The students were taught about the symbol of the Indian Rupee – “₹” – and that it was designed by D. Udaya Kumar.

The children studied the various pictures and illustrations on the Indian currency note through detailed observation. At the end of the session, the students learnt about how the Indian Rupee offers an essential insight into the nation’s history, culture, and economic forces.

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