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Bloom where you are planted with grace” – A lesson learnt from plants!

A beautiful plant is like having a good friend around the house. Plants play a very important role in the lives of all living beings, so it is important to teach today’s generation about their journey and how beautifully they grow out of tiny seeds.

At St Lawrence High School & Junior College the Grade 2 students learnt about the different parts of plants and their types. They were taken to the botanical garden of our school and practically shown the different types of plants and how they function.

The students were encouraged to take care of the plants and were taught that just like humans, plants also undergo different stages of growth to complete their lifecycle. Just like living beings need food, water and oxygen, similarly, plants also need water, sunlight and carbon dioxide.

The main motto behind teaching this concept was to inculcate gratitude in the students towards each plant in their environment because they produce oxygen and give us so much without asking anything of us.

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