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Colouring the Lawrentian hearts into the tricolour!

The primary students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College celebrated Independence Day with lots of pride and enthusiasm and they embodied the spirit of brotherhood and diversity. They performed a patriotic song that spoke about the vital lives that were sacrificed for our country’s hard earned independence. They also performed a skit that depicted unity in diversity, how we must respect each other and encourage the feeling of oneness and brotherhood in the country.

They gave speeches about the richness of our motherland and finally they performed a patriotic dance that represented how our hearts are bound together in spite of our differences. This spirit is the true backbone of our ancient culture.

The Managing Trustee and Founder of the school Ms. Summan Datta Ma’am addressed the students and appreciated the young buds for their efforts. She also thanked the parents for attending the program and encouraging the students by explaining to them the meaning of freedom.

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