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Exploring the Oceans at St Lawrence High School and Junior College!

The Lawrentians of the primary section learnt more about the fascinating oceans which are the most important source of life for all of us.

Their specific focus was on the The Mediterranean Sea which is a large water body that separates Europe from Africa. It is connected to the Atlantic Ocean and is surrounded by India, Pakistan, Iran, the Arabian Peninsula and Somalia. To the North of the Mediterranean sea is Europe and to the South is North Africa.

The children also observed the sea creatures which live in the Mediterranean sea and were curious to learn about their habitat. The students used their creativity and made beautiful sea creatures in their books to recap their learning.

This activity taught them that oceans and sea creatures are very important for us and we’re all inter connected in this eco-system. We must ensure the cleanliness of rivers and oceans so that the life within them stays protected.

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