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Indian Symbols – The Glory Of India!

The month of August brings with it a festive spirit and a sense of patriotism in the air and so we get a chance to learn more about our country. At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College our children learned about the national symbols to cherish and celebrate our country.

They made the Indian tricolor flag with their palms and learnt each detail about it.They were mesmerized by the effortless beauty of our national bird – the peacock – and they imbibed the elegance and grace of it.

While learning about our national animal – tiger – they admired the strength and power that it symbolizes. Lastly while learning about the national flower – lotus – they discovered how pure it is and how it blooms beautifully even in tough environmental circumstances.

 The objective of learning these symbols was for the children to understand why these 4 have been chosen as our national symbols and how we can draw inspiration from them all.

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