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Inside the Investiture Ceremony of this academic year!

The Investiture Ceremony for every institute is a very special occasion and indeed the most eagerly awaited one. An investiture ceremony marks the transition of students – from being just pupils of a school to becoming representatives of the school. This transition instills a sense of ownership and belonging among the student leaders.

At St Lawrence High School, the Investiture Ceremony of the Junior Student Council was conducted for the junior council to understand the concept of responsibility at a young age and to foster them towards their secondary school journey.

The Head Boy and the Head Girl led the ceremony, holding the school flag, followed by all four house captains with four house flags. They received their prestigious badges from the school managing trustee Col. Vijay Kumar Datta. It was really a proud moment for all of them because the young leaders inspired the other students on how to make a difference by just putting in a little extra effort.

Finally, the Head Girl, Head Boy, all the Captains, Vice Captains and the Discipline Captains took an oath and promised that they will follow the school rules and regulations sincerely and honestly to the best of their ability. The ceremony was concluded by Col. Vijay Kumar Datta Sir with his words of appreciation and motivation. He advised them to study well, work hard and be the best in whatever they do. He also insisted that they respect their parents, teachers and all elders and be role models for everyone.

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