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Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slaves to your emotions!

– Elizabeth Gilbert

At St Lawrence High School and Junior College, every week the Grade1 students are introduced to different topics in groom shroom – a segment that aims to develop their personality, communication and overall life skills. This time they were introduced to the concept of Emotions.

Our main target of introducing emotions was so that students understand that we should not let our emotions control us. Every individual should have great control on their emotions because only then can we live a balanced and harmonious life.

With the help of different videos and activities, different situations were explained to them and they were able to understand how to react or respond to them. In two sessions this topic was covered and the students had a fair idea then on how to deal with the various things they feel on a day to day basis.

For example – on feeling angry, they were taught to deal with it by counting 1 to 10 and breathing in and out slowly. This helped them to clear their minds and think rationally before taking any action. On feeling fear, they were taught to say certain affirmations that would reinforce their safety and security.

Thus, the students were made to become better equipped for handling their own feelings.

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