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Learning to make Clothes!

At St. Lawrence High School and Junior College, the students of Grade 1 learnt about the entire process of cloth making.

They segregated the prices of clothes as per the different materials they were made up of. Cotton, silk and wool were the types of material they discovered and made cloth files by sticking different cutouts of materials in their art books.

They were also taught how certain materials like silk have an adverse effect on nature – eg by destroying the life cycle of the silk worm. They also learnt how instead of killing silk worms they can make silk thread from a lotus.

On the culminating day the first graders made a doormat from waste pieces of cloth. Learning about the process of making clothes taught each child to become aware of this most common product that they use on a daily basis and the hard work that goes behind it.

They learnt how to appreciate every hand that contributes to this basic necessity reaching us.

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