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My New Year Resolution!

Let’s leave behind the old chapters and welcome the new year with smiles, happiness, resolutions and much more.

The little champs of St.Lawrence High School promised themselves to improve a little each day, to bring out the best in themselves and to discover their hidden potential. They all made some personal and some academic goals so that they have something to work towards.

They also made a determination to stay healthy and hygienic so that they can always be fit to chase their dreams. They also vowed to keep their surroundings clean and to respect Mother Nature so that they have a healthy home to live in.

New year’s resolutions can be a way to inculcate better habits in students and also to make them upgrade their skills and thus their lives. This helps students to enhance their self esteem and confidence and enrich their minds. All our little champs are now ready to take on 2024!!

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