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Raksha Bandhan with joyous wishes and blessings

The festival of Raksha Bandhan not only celebrates the love and duty between brothers and sisters but also has a social significance. It underlines the notion that everybody should live in harmony and hence speaks about the rich culture and traditions of India that make our nation extraordinary.


            The students of St. Lawrence High School and Junior College celebrated Raksha Bandhan with joyous wishes and blessings. To help our children learn about the culture of India, the students of the Primary Section made badges with “World's Best Brother/ Sister” written on them. 

                 The School organized a special activity to educate students about the significance of this festival. The children were told about the sacred bond between a brother and sister. Students were familiarized with the customs and rituals followed on Raksha Bandhan.

                   Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as a festival of peace and harmony. On this day, the sisters tie a thread or a bracelet to their brothers and the brothers, in return, promise to protect and love and respect the sisters always. The Rakhi, or the thread, is a pious symbol of being someone's protector.
                  The students of Grade 4 went to Ashram Shala at Trimbakeshwar and tied rakhis to the children in the school and enjoyed the activity and their innocent smiles brightened the whole atmosphere.

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