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St. Lawrence Day Celebrated By The Lawrentians!

“Sheltered under the name of Jesus Christ,

I do not fear these pains, for they do not last long” – St. Lawrence

St Lawrence day was celebrated by the primary section of St Lawrence High School and Junior College to pay gratitude to our patron saint for showering his blessings on us.

The teachers organized a small skit in honor of our patron saint, through which they depicted the solid values which Saint Lawrence possessed. His life story was shown to the children through this skit so that every child can understand how to value each human being and show compassion towards everyone.

They were also made to realize the power of his sacrifice and how he stood up for the right thing even though it wasn’t an easy path to follow. They were taught that his blessings are upon us each day, due to which we have such a beautiful school almost like a second home!

Happy Feast!!

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