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The best way to make the students connect to their real world and experiences is a ‘FieldTrip’. The explorers of Grade 3 from St.Lawrence High School and Junior College recently had a real life experience about the lives of horses during their field trip to the Artillery Center.

They were able to see first hand the different body parts of horses – for example a horse shoe and how to fix it. They were also curious to see the making of a saddle seat and snaffle. They learnt about how horse food is prepared. Seeing the people there horse riding was very exciting for the students – especially to see how they controlled the speed of the horses.

The students were able to relate to their novel Charlotte’s Web which is a story set in a barn and horse stable. They saw all their imagined scenes come to life through this field trip.

It was a wonderful, inspiring and memorial field trip for all of us. We are very grateful to our trustee Col.Vijaykumar Datta for taking us to this place and helping our students to explore the place in reality.

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