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The year-end parent teacher meet at St. Lawrence!

A well-planned and well-executed open house was held at St. Lawrence High School and Junior College which gave an opportunity to the parents to see the well planned progress of their children.

They got to see for themselves what exactly happens inside the class and how it impacts the child and his/her abilities on a daily basis. All questions regarding the why and how and when and where were answered in detail for the parents.

Each parent got an opportunity to see what interests their child the most and what she/he does well or needs more help and how her/his individual needs are being served.

The school also displayed the charts and boards which guided the parents about the summer activities which can be done by the students. The parents appreciated the day to day schedule made by the school for the students for the development of their skills.

The teachers and parents thanked each other for the cooperation and support they received from each other towards the holistic development of the child.

Happy Summer break to all!

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