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Our students of class 6 and 9 have done us proud with their outstanding performance at the Homi Bhabha Balvaidyanik Exam.7 students of class 6, Siya, Abhinav, Durva, Shivam, Aryan, Aradhya and Samar along with 2 students of class 9, Maitra and Rishabh have successfully qualified for the next level of the exam.

St. Lawrence High School and Junior College celebrated its Annual Day with a grand musical.The musical, directed by Atul Narang’ Dance Institute was based on a classic children’s story ‘Peter Pan’.The function was presided over by Mrs. Renuka Shahane, the renowned actor and director and attended by parents and well wishers of the school. The audience was captivated with the thrilling drama and dazzling performances of the students. With the effective visuals, lights and music, the audience was transported to Neverland with Peter, Wendy and Captain Hook. Along with the musical, the